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When occupational therapist Aviva Weiss couldn't find kid-friendly sensory tools for her family, she decided to design her own. In 2006, she began creating fun, colorful and therapeutic products for special needs kids. By combining play with therapeutic benefits, Fun and Function products help kids thrive in classrooms, therapeutic settings and at home. Since 2015, I’ve been helping Fun and Function reach customers with clear, simple and easy-to-understand product descriptions.


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Designing a flexible content system

The Fun and Function online catalog includes hundreds of products. From therapy putty, weighted vests and chew-safe necklaces to custom-designed sensory rooms for classrooms and clinics, these products serve a wide range of needs, ages and environments.

With consistency and flexibility in mind, I spearheaded the creation of a style guide. The editorial team worked together to refine our product description style, both in language and format. We designed a scannable, information-packed format. Our goal with each description is to help customers quickly understand if a particular product meets their needs.

These content guidelines continue to:

  • Streamline the editorial process

  • Ensure consistency across multiple editors

  • Define hierarchy of information

  • Act as a checklist so important details are less likely to get overlooked

Fun and Function sells hundreds of products for kids with special needs to help address behavioral and sensory issues.

Fun and Function sells hundreds of products for kids with special needs to help address behavioral and sensory issues.

Inclusive, approachable language

Fun and Function customers include parents and teachers. Their child may have recently received a diagnosis for a condition they’ve never heard of. Or they may just be looking for a way to minimize disruptive behaviors at home or in the classroom. Language describing sensory products is often littered with clinical jargon, leaving parents and teachers confused.

You shouldn’t have to be an occupational therapist to understand if a product might be able to help your child. Our product content strives to describe therapeutic benefits with approachable, user-friendly language. Fun and Function products exist to make the world more accessible to special needs kids, and our content should do the same.

There are other stores that carry almost the same merchandise at similar prices, but Fun and Function goes the extra mile in product description and categorization. This helps you imagine the product in your home environment.
— Fun and Function customer

Always iterating and improving

One of the great joys of working with this client for nearly four years has been the opportunity to iterate and improve our content. Clarity, brevity and style drive my work, but the company’s business needs are equally important. We may hear from the customer service team that a customer felt information about a particular product was lacking. This might require revising the product description or talking through a better way to address the confusion. If the website’s design or functionality presents challenges to clear communication, we’ll decide as a team the best approach.

What’s most fruitful is working collaboratively with team members who have diverse expertise, all of whom are genuinely passionate about doing right by our customers.