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One Design Company

Shaping user-focused content in collaboration with designers, developers and client partners



One Design Company is an interactive design studio that builds beautiful, flexible and user-centered websites. I work regularly with One Design to integrate thoughtful and strategic content throughout all phases of client projects.

Any given project might require defining navigational nomenclature, creating content standards or conducting user research. From leading discovery workshops to removing a misplaced comma right before launch, I deliver nuts-to-bolts content strategy and copywriting.

Though each client’s needs and target users are different, ambiguity is always part of the puzzle. I enjoy flexing my relationship-building and communication skills to navigate these complexities just as much as I enjoy fine-tuning headlines and button copy. Above all, I enjoy the collaborative and iterative design process that makes for great user-focused digital experiences.s.


  • Workshop facilitation

  • Usability research

  • Content strategy

  • Content design

  • Copywriting

Berglund Construction

Berglund Homepage Desktop.png

Berglund Construction is a general contractor and nationally recognized restoration firm. The fourth-generation, family-owned construction company has thrived 1911.

I collaborated with the designer to build the sitemap, navigation and wireframes, which allowed us to get content in front of the client early. We rethought how Berglund told their story on their website so could better showcase their expertise. This included creating a flexible design and content system to highlight completed projects. I then worked closely with Berglund’s team to provide content direction and editing support for copy across the site.



Tend connects professional caregivers with people who need in-home care. The Australian-based company and app launched in 2017.

Too often, products and companies for older adults make aging seem like a burden. After exploring (and getting discouraged by) what the current in-home caregiving market had to offer, we decided to build a brand around the empowering message of aging exceptionally. Tend celebrates this stage of life with an uplifting branding and name. We then built a website that captured Tend’s positivity, both in design and content.



Uptake is a predictive analytics company that uses big data to make industrial machines run faster, better and smarter. The company operates in a fast-paced, highly ambiguous environment.

Uptake’s website needed to be completed quickly even as the company was undergoing a major directional shift. Serving as the project’s content strategist, I guided Uptake’s internal content writers to write quickly and iteratively under their tight deadline. I created content standards to bring clarity and consistency across website content, then helped keep writers and stakeholders on track during the fast-paced approvals and revision process.



The National Association of REALTORS® is America's largest trade association. One of their digital products is .realtor, a top-level domain.

This project included both rebranding the product and designing a website to match its new identity. From tagline and messaging strategy to website architecture and copy, I led all stages of content development. Leveraging research about real estate agents, we designed a website would speak to user goals and pain points. Behind the scenes, .realtor is an incredibly complex and multi-layered product. Throughout the process we faced technical barriers and messaging restrictions. I am proud that were able to navigate these complexities and to deliver a clean, streamlined experience for end users.