bringing a brand voice to life

During my two years as a copywriter at Threadless, I searched for every written word opportunity to bring the brand to life.

Every piece of content I created — from the teeny tiniest error message to artist stories — revolved around supporting our community of designers. These talented individuals from every corner of the world submit their designs online with the hope that Threadless will print and sell their work. 

I wrote an epic number of words to market Threadless designs and bring these artists more exposure. That included everything from writing email subject lines to producing content for brand campaigns to participating in the content strategy behind a ginormous redesign.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing in the wacky and goofy voice of Threadless. A favorite pet project of mine was writing silly thought bubbles for Carty, our shopping cart. As customers added items, he'd wink and say stuff like "10 items in my carty belly! Burrrrp!" I loved working for a brand whose shopping cart even had a personality.

Betsy was a pleasure to work with. She did a stellar job crafting the voice of Threadless and making sure the whole team here knew how to speak in that voice. Her attention to detail was incredible. I only wish she was still here so she could help me write this recommendation better.
— Jake Nickell, Threadless Founder & CEO

What's the secret to earning fame and fortune? How does Threadless pick which designs to print? What does a funky astronaut have to do with anything? All these mysteries and more revealed in this video! 

The making of "How to Threadless," a stop-motion video the creative team and I produced to show new-to-Threadless folks how they could submit designs and win fame and fortune. That's me, top left! The script went through endless rounds of revisions until it was juuuuuust right. 

All work was produced under the creative direction of Sean Donohue and Colleen Arturi, in collaboration with Glenn Cochon, Craig Shimala, Joe Van Wetering, Jess Hanebury, Ross ZietzJillian Fisher and Alex Solis.