helping customers shop smarter 

When occupational therapist Aviva Weiss couldn't find kid-friendly sensory tools and toys for her family, she decided to design her own. In 2006, she began creating fun, colorful and therapeutic products especially for special needs kids. Today, Fun and Function carries hundreds of educational toys, games and other products. 

Shortly after I began editing Fun and Function's online catalog, I spearheaded the creation of a formalized style guide. The editorial team worked together to create a consistent yet flexible format that served a variety of products. We took into account every detail to ensure descriptions would be informative and comprehensive, but not clunky. The ultimate goal? Ensure each description would quickly help customers identify therapeutic benefits to understand if the product met their needs.

The finished style guide became a widely referenced document. A few benefits included:

  • Streamlined the editorial process
  • Ensured consistency across multiple editors
  • Created hierarchy of information 
  • Acted as a checklist for editors
  • Made it easy for product and merchandising teams to make modifications

Though a style guide is not the most glamorous piece of content, it's one that has helped things operate more smoothly behind the scenes at Fun & Function. And, it's improving the shopping experience for customers. Whether a parent has just received a diagnosis for their child or a therapist wants supplement their therapy toolkit, now they can more easily identify which products can help.

The Fun and Function style guide was produced under the direction of Daniela Weiss and in collaboration with Colleen Arturi and Sari Holtz.

There are other stores that carry almost the same merchandise at similar prices, but Fun and Function goes the extra mile in product description and categorization. This helps you imagine the product in your home environment.
— Fun and Function customer