Infusing marketing copy with passion and personality 

Black Spectacles is a learning platform for architects. With comprehensive and watch-anywhere videos tutorials, Black Spectacles helps their members study for the Architect Registration Examination to become full-fledged (and higher paid) licensed architects. The company also offers tutorials for need-to-know architecture and design software, helping propel their members’ careers further. 

After six years of growing their platform and membership, Black Spectacles was ready for a brand refresh and website redesign. They were also ready to infuse an edgier, friendlier voice throughout their website copy and marketing materials. Though Black Spectacles had a vision of how their brand should come across, they needed help articulating their voice. That’s where I came in.

The challenge

I needed not only to push the voice forward, but also understand the brand’s differentiators. I needed to communicate to an ever-time-crunched audience how Black Spectacles excelled at solving their pain points. It was the perfect storm of the sort of challenge I love: tongue-in-cheek clever meets marketing copy. 

The process

As with all my clients, my work began with listening. What was working with their current copy? What wasn’t? The Black Spectacles team is passionate about architecture and deeply involved in their community, so I absorbed as much as I could about what motivates and drives their audience. The better I could understand the product and the people it served, the better I could connect the two through my writing. 

The results

My work included two important content-related pieces. First, I rewrote the website copy to be punchier while bringing more clarity to the product’s features. I looked for opportunities to improve, revitalize and condense copy on every page. From introducing simplified language to streamline the purchasing process to revamping the about page to better tell the Black Spectacles story, I went over every word with a fine-tooth comb. 

In tandem, I built out the Black Spectacles voice and tone guide. This exercise helped the team define what the brand was about — and also what it was not. The voice and tone guide could now act as a toolkit for anyone who would produce content going forward. 

I love working with high-growth teams who create products that truly help people. The Black Spectacles team has true passion for helping architects excel in their careers, and I’m thrilled I could contribute to helping them to reach more people. 

Selected Headlines

To see more of my work, check out the Black Spectacles website.

The value and clarity Betsy brought to Black Spectacles was instantly apparent. Her copy gets straight to the point without losing any personality.
— Marc Teer, Architect, Founder & CEO, Black Spectacles